for the sugar + salt


 Self-portait Illustrated by KeShaJo.

Self-portait Illustrated by KeShaJo.

Kendra, artistically known as, KeShaJo, has a digital footprint that extends well-over fifteen years of creative content.  She has the gift of pen and the anointing of hands that elevates everything she touches.  Her first book, SistaGirl: For the sugar and salt, was created for the SistaGirls that waver between the honest-to-God dichotomy of real life.  

"Life is never just one way. Our job is to simply master the balancing of it all, the sugar and the salt. It's the seasoning of our soul that makes life a beautiful struggle between the sweet and savory. Embracing our hardness, and the refining moments of our journey.all for the sugar and salt."

She is a writer - illustrator - content creator, currently residing in Los Angeles, California.